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The Road from Idea to Screen

LOVE IS... a Sci-Fi/Fantasy Musical Film

Like so many projects, the first idea for this movie happened many years before it could be made. As a young person, I had many interests that brought me skills in music creation and performance, storytelling, art as a painter and printmaker, and entrepreneurial business as an artist, inventor and book publisher. I traveled the world. I taught English in French West Africa as a Peace Corps Volunteer. I worked in international business and met heads of State. I taught French and led summer language immersion trips to France for my students. All the while I was performing my music and raising my family. The years were full of experiences that formed the foundation for novels, plays and now screenplays and kept my imagination on overdrive.

This blog, isn't about me. It will be about the process of making a film and the people who fill the ranks to bring it to the screen. It will be a place where talented people of all kinds in the film world can come together to talk about how they do what they do. It will be a place to learn, get ideas from others and share ideas with others.

I invite you to comment (politely, of course --- no rants, no judgements, no swearing) and to bring your best experiences to others with this chance to be the guru, the wise person who can inform others from your point of view.

So, to begin at the very beginning, let's talk about the part you've played in making a film.

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