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The Team is the KEY

People make the film. LOTS of people!

The people coming to LOVE IS... are top talent in music, visual effects, and animation

I'm not really comfortable walking up to people at a party or a conference event. For a person who thrives on stage singing and acting, it's really weird that I'm so shy in public events. FILM_COM changed all that for me. I decided it I was going to get any interest in FEARLESS the MOVIE! I'd have to be sure people saw and heard me. I'm only five feet tall. I get lost in crowds of people, literally swallowed up in the throng!

So, I decided if I was going to see anything, I'd have to sit in the front row. Yup, just like in classes in elementary school. I also decided to wear bright colors, y'know, red, yellow, bright blue, I was a "bottle" redhead at the time, and that helped. So, to make sure the panelists remembered me, I raised my hand and asked questions. After all, I was there to learn! Well, that helped, and I was able to overcome the fear of talking with people after the events and at the parties.

Andy Hill, who is our Music Supervisor, said in one of his seminars that "If you want someone to do something with you, just walk up to them and ask them to do it!" I thought about that for a long time at FILM-COM. But at the Gala Party at the end of the event, there I was feeling all uncomfortable and trying to meet people in that environment.

In walks 10-time Academy Award winner, Andy Hill. He looked just as uncomfortable as I felt. So, I walked over to him and after a few opening words I said this; "Andy, your seminars these past two years have been fantastic! I learned so much. And you gave me opportunities to talk with other composers both times. But, you told us all to 'just ask' if we wanted to know something. So, here goes. Would you be the Music Supervisor for my new film LOVE IS...? I haven't written the screenplay yet, but it's based on FEARLESS!

And after some more conversation and going out to dinner a couple of weeks later with Andy and Geoff Koch, (President of the Nashville Composer's Association), they both agreed to attach to LOVE IS...

That's how I put an end to being shy about asking for what I want. And other talented and well-known team members have come onto the project since because of it. More about that in future posts.

So? How do you handle that awkward feeling when you want something that seems out of reach?

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