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Why a Sci-Fi/Fantasy MUSICAL film?

I have a thing for Sci-fi and Fantasy. But I also have a thing for Musicals. I love musicals, and since the beginning, I always wanted to write musicals. I saw them all (more or less) since my teens to the present day. I acted in musicals for years. I loved going to Broadway to see them. I also saw many in Chicago theaters (my hometown back in the day) when the movie industry began to make musical films, I became a devotée, Couldn't get enough of them. I didn't know then that I'd finally get my chance to write musical plays and use one of them as the forerunner for LOVE IS....

In 2016, after staging my third stage musical FEARLESS! I realized it wasn't really for the stage. It needed to be a movie. The PBS station did a five-camera shoot of the Sunday matinée, but didn't have the technical software to make the film, since the orchestra hadn't been properly recorded. So, I took the raws, learned to use Final Cut and Logic PRO X together to make the film myself. Yes, you heard me right. I had never edited raw footage before. So, I learned how to do it by learning from RIPPLE TRAINING online and with tons of Youtube tutorials by Logic Pro X masters.

It took me eighteen months to make my first film, but, in the end it became the source for pitching FEARLESS! as a movie at FILM_COM 2019 in Nashville. That part of the story and how FEARLESS! became LOVE for future posts.

What was your first film experience in making a film and how did it bring you into the filmmaking world?

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