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The Film

LOVE IS...Two Worlds

Four love stories from both worlds weave throughout this action-packed film which contains eighteen original songs sung as dialogue that infuse the story with humor, drama and romance. The film opens in the Great Beginning 100,000 years ago in the Pleiades Star Cluster where "The Tuner" is discovered and becomes the most powerful source of all Love and Harmony in the Universe.


In present a day, struggling, small American town, Allison Stevens meets Prince, a talking dog, who is her Pleiadian companion animal, guide and protector just days before dies in a fiery pickup truck accident. She awakens  on Erra, a planet orbiting the Pleiadian star Taygeta. She learns she is a Pleiadian even though she lived as a human on Earth.


A Pleiadian spirit guide, Orthela, reveals how Allison came to be, her life purpose and the mission she was created to fulfill. Orthela activates Allison's innate superpowers and returns her alive and fully restored to Earth in order to address the troubles of those she loves and to fulfill the mission she was created for. 


Allison soon discovers that Human Reptilians are enslaving humans in preparation for a global invasion. Throughout the story, she perfects her superpowers to guide her loved ones, to destroy the human reptilian prison stronghold and ultimately to become the superhero she is meant to be. 


Cosmic characters and human characters alike face personal struggles that are multiplied by unexpected, overwhelming, and ultra-extraordinary situations.


the film
The facts

The Facts

The world has changed.

Today, the implausible is plausible

and the impossible is possible.

We walked on the moon. We plan to walk on Mars. The International Space Station orbits Earth. The Voyager cameras still send back spectacular images of the interstellar universe from more than 14.2 billion miles out. Seems impossible, doesn’t it? And since 2009, the Kepler Satellite has found billions of exoplanets that could support life. Fascinating stuff, huh?Add to that the Hubble telescope and the Webb Telescope, and we can see how vast the Universe is.


Amazon's Jeff Bezos, Tesla's Elon Musk, and Virgin Airlines' Richard Branson and others compete to be the first to provide space travel for ordinary people.


The historical record shows helicopters and planes in the hieroglyphs of the Pyramids, flying saucers in Renaissance paintings and spacemen-like humanoid forms and flying machines on artifacts and in ancient cave paintings.


The US Navy Declassified UFO Sightings and announcing that these UFOs do not exhibit  human-made technology. What are they? Extraterrestrial spacecraft, anyone?


For decades, the film industry has been getting us ready for a first encounter, through non-musical films like E.T., Contact, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Star Wars, Arrival, Interstellar, Independence Day and so on...


We believe now is a perfect moment to make a Sci-Fi Musical Film to carry the musical genre into the 21st Century! 


The Mission

To bring a Sci-Fi Musical Film called 

LOVE IS..Two Worlds to Family Audiences, Musical-loving Audiences and Sci-Fi Audiences worldwide.

The US domestic film markets plus international film markets will provide a global reach for LOVE IS...Two Worlds. Producers believe that LOVE IS...Two Worlds will replicate or surpass musical box office successes with an empowered female lead—Allison—who brings a Superhero persona and a Sci-Fi story into the musical film genre.


In addition, an engaging assortment of characters (including Allison's talking dog, Prince), and memorable, singable songs, combine all the necessary elements for sustainable wide-market appeal. The robust music heightens the overall visual effects and uses conversational lyrics where characters speak most honestly in song.

The mission
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