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Founder and CEO of Nightengale Entertainment LLC, Nightengale Press LLC, Meadowlark Film Productions LLC and Song Sparrow Music, LLC. Valerie's entrepreneurial  background includes her life as a book publisher of 170 novels, non-fiction, and illustrated children’s books for authors all over the USA and abroad. She is also a composer,  a singer/songwriter, a playwright, an actress, an author, a French teacher and a world traveller. For many years, Valerie also hosted a radio talk show and, became a patented inventor of the GlowBox. A member of ASCAP since 1987 her portfolio contains hundreds of songs and instrumentals, and she continues actively  to write songs and compose serious music. She also created multiple websites for her six entrepreneurial businesses, designed and sold hundreds of custom BlockArt print images to American Express, Brookfield Zoo, Lincoln Park Zoo, the Peace Corps and small businesses in Illinois. Upon entering the film industry, she learned Final Cut Pro 10.4 to make a film of her 2016 musical stage play, FEARLESS! the forerunner and inspiration for LOVE IS... a world-class feature musical film. She composed the songs, wrote the screenplay and is attracting A-list experts in film and music to her creation.

With over 20 years in Animation and Film Production, Michael's deep entertainment industry production experience as art director, animation director and game director is supported by his extensive production roles in art, animation, design, and screenwriting. His background in animation and live action film is complemented by his work as an actor, screenwriter and director for stage which augment his directorial perspective.

His reputation as a team builder grew from having designed, directed, or contributed to 50+ video game software titles, as well as innovative business enterprise systems and apps which collectively sold over 20M units worldwide with combined sales exceeding $500M. ​ ​​He serves on the boards of the Nashville Shakespeare Festival and Film-com, where he also serves as the Chair of Video Gaming.

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As a Senior Technical Director and Sequence Supervisor for George Lucas’ company, Industrial Light + Magic, Ed’s CGI effects appeared in STAR WARS Episodes I, II and III,  and OSCAR-winner Pirates of the Caribbean II: Dead Man’s Chest, He led the teams creating the Scarab Beetle shots in The Mummy, the Rock Monster shots in Galaxy Quest, the jungle getting sucked into the pyramid for The Mummy Returns, and the Droid Factory and End Battle shots in Star Wars II: Attack of the Clones. ​He also contributed to such classics as Stargate, Jumanji, Twister101 Dalmatians, Jurassic Park: The Lost World, Deep ImpactThe Perfect Storm, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets,  Herbie Fully LoadedVan Helsing and many other seminal visual effects blockbusters



A legendary American music supervisorrecord producer, and music educator, Andy supervised film music at Disney that earned 10 Academy Awards in the music categories of Best Original Score and Best Original Song for The Lion King, Beauty & the Beast, The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Pocahontas. He worked closely with Alan Menken, Howard  Ashman ​ and Hans Zimmer. He continues to teach film composing and to supervise film music in the USA and abroad. Under the name A.W. Hill, Hill has written three novels, Nowhere-Land, The Last Days of Madame Rey, and Enoch's Portal, and a screenplay based on the life of Nikola Tesla.



Film Credits: Beautifully Broken, Star Wars: The Force and The Fury, Judy, Dark Awakening, Jeremiah Strong, Picking Up After You, and many more. 
He won the Prestigious 2015 Curtain Call Award, among many others and is known for his revolutionary scoring for films created for planetariums around the world. ​​Geoff is President of the Nashville Composer's Association, and heads up Score-Com in conjunction with Film-Com in Nashville each year. 


An independent producer with a background in film development and passionate about supporting filmmakers who create projects that have a positive effect on humanity. ​She assists with the creative overview and supports distribution relationships.





Luke Taylor

Founding Partner
Buffalo 8
A Bondit Company

Gary Granstaff
Ridgerock Entertainment
Lynda Evjen
President of
Women in Film & Television
Life-long Actress
Donna Caldwell
Women in Film & Television
VP of Programs
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Michael Woolf
 Animation Advisor

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Geoff Koch
President of Nashville Composer's Association
Film Score Advisor
Royston Flude
President of CSPOC
Sustaining Solutions
Organization supported by the UN
Hal Alpiar
Madison Avenue Branding Expert
"In all things, we are never alone. These are many of the knowledgable people who give me thoughtful and sometimes the hard-to-hear advice everyone needs to grow and see the "vision" more clearly. They are all interested in bringing success to LOVE IS...Two Worlds and have stayed with me as this project developed from a hope-filled idea into a blossoming reality." ---Valerie Connelly
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